Disappointing and confusing?

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Thank you to Readers First for my copy if this book.
When I first saw this book it looked to intriguing and the cover makes you want to delve right in!
But from the beginning I just didn't get into it. I didnt like Erma and I didnt understand what was going on right from the start!

I just found there was background characters we didn't really know and too many names and jumping around to remember each person!

The bits that were narrated by Sero i practically skim read just to finish and then half way through with the make up your own story, I should have given up there and then.

I got to the end as I don't give up on books easily but it was a hard push and none of the story made any sense. I've finished and I still don't really understand what happened!
Hate giving rubbish reviews to books but there is no way I can big this one up unfortunately.
With so many amazing thrillers out this just cannot compete.