Enter the Spiral

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After a colleague shoots her twice and then turns the gun on herself, Erma Bridges' life is thrown into turmoil. With her would be murderer dead instead of her, no one can give Erma the answers she so desperately wants - Why Her? Struggling to move on, Erma takes it upon herself to find out the truth and in doing so puts herself in dangerous situations, that soon start spiralling out of control...

This book! I don't really know where to start as it takes you on a wild ride alongside it's protagonist, that has you questioning what the heck is going on!? I don't mean this in a bad way, as I think this has been done deliberately. It's all very clever.

Reality and fantasy are mixed together, which at times is very disorienting, keeping you second guessing and asking questions the whole way through. When it came to the plot, I really had no idea where it was going and it's not until the second part of the book that you get the information needed to piece it all together. It's unlike any thriller I have read before - it was certainly inventive!

Part mystery, part thriller with a complicated protagonist, The Spiral will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat!