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The cover is what caught my eye.The main character intrigues you at every turn and you just fall under her charm. This book definitely had my at the edge of my seat.
There are other characters that make you mad. There are so many twists and turns it leaves you feeling dizzy, the plot is so subtle you don’t notice where it goes and how it ends till the last moment.
I found some moments quite awkward to read, and a bit too gruesome at times. Some of the cliched “baddies” were quite sinister and charming in their scheming ways.
The ending was a bit of an odd one and not one I was expecting and it did leave me with a feeling of not disappointment but a sort of gentle sadness it all felt too wrapped up. I do think this is a good and pacy thriller. And I want to know what this author does next. I would definitely recommend the book for people who like thrillers.