I couldn't grasp the story

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As much as I tried to I couldn't grasp the story. Quite a few f*** words and melodrama.
The Spiral is an apt title. Erma (never heard that name before) Bridges' dreams are filled with violence and blood like Erma being shot at 3 times, Erma holding her hand to stem the flow of blood, dark shadows and silhouettes. Poor Erma recalls in her dreams this real trauma and underwent months of physical therapy and depressing training and rehabilitation and time with people who had it worse off than her.
I'd read a chapter really well thinking "oh great, I could really get onto this book" and then I lose the momentum because the story doesn't flow continously or as well.
This is a book for you if you yourself have been in a similar situation, although a fictional story, it shall probably be helpful to gobble this book up, however I am afraid this book isn't for me. I did read all the way through as I am not a person to give up easily.