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The Spiral by Iain Ryan is a story about a young woman Dr Erma Bridges who is suspended awaiting a disciplinary hearing after being shot by her research assistant Jenny Wasserman but she has now gone missing and Erma goes tracing her steps to find her and also to find her research with she has taken it with her. The thriller is full of twists and turns and half of the story turns into a fantasy novel which I found quite weird. I love a good thriller and so when I saw this book I was so excited to just dive straight in and start reading it. It was gripping and is definitely one of those books which encapsulates you, through and through leaving you wanting- needing to know what happens. However it is one in which you have to perservere to get to the proclaimed ending as for a lot of the book it was very topsy turvy and hard to get your bearings with where the story is actually heading.