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This book had me gripped but when I finished I am a little bit confused as to what happened. As a child I read the Make your own adventure books, so found that part interesting apart from it went a bit too dark for me.
The book started off as a normal crime / thriller where Erme is shot by a colleague and doesn’t believe the police who decide that is was in a fit of jealous, she feels there is a darker side to the crime. If this part of the book was by itself I would have enjoyed it, the part with Sero was the parts that confused me, and I am not sure if they added to the story.
Erme comes across as a very determined person, who will not leave anything alone, she gets on the wrong side of the local mafia group, although she is able to look after herself but she has annoyed the wrong person.
I feel the ending could have been explained a little bit more as to the path Erme will now take.