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The Spiral is an interesting concept and is without doubt a marmite book. You'll probably either think it's a stunning work of genius or you'll find it irritating, convoluted and ultimately unsatisfying.
The Spiral by Iain Ryan is a story about a young woman Dr Erma Bridges who is suspended awaiting a disciplinary hearing after being shot by her research assistant Jenny Wasserman but she has now gone missing and Erma goes tracing her steps to find her and also to find her research with she has taken it with her.
The thriller is full of twists and turns and half of the story turns into a fantasy novel which I found quite weird. And I must say this is not a bad book and is great read for someone that likes the mix of the two genres. But unfortunately for me I just couldn’t get the hang of it changing so quickly between the two and that I just thought what the hell is going on. Three stars from me.