Not sure about this one...

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This book is one that has left me completely conflicted. So, I’ll start with the positives.
1. It’s a relatively easy read with a well developed plot
2. A wide range of characters which are all likeable and interesting.
3. It was an engaging read with some good points within it.
However, even though I’ve finished it, I’m really not overly sure what I think.
Alternative points for consideration:
1. It’s a mash up of thriller and fantasy but there was no sign of any fantasy in any of the pre reads. This isn’t my chosen genre so wouldn’t be something I would normally pick.
2. What actually happens? The plot is, like the title, a spiral. This is sometimes confusing as some of the characters and details all blur together.
Overall, I enjoyed the opportunity of reading this. Would it be something I’d buy as a present? Probably not. It will appeal to some, but I’m not convinced.