Not too sure what too think about it

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I mean with all this thriller and suspense books, you're always going to expect murder. It's getting kind of predictable now. I mean I guess the trauma was really sad for the main character. I think she needed to find out what really happened to understand and try and get rid of her trauma but things get out of control which is the 'spiral'. I thought the cover was beautiful though. It did attract me. It was overall quite a good book. I mean it was predictable but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Something you'd read on a rather gloomy day. The fact that she had trauma was something that people go through, it happens and it was an issue that had to be addressed to make people understand that trauma isn't something that can just go away with a pep talk or therapists. They need to get through this themselves and we need to understand that. It was a lovely read 7/10 for me