rollercoaster ride

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Jenny is missing. Jenny is a sly, self loathing, petty and money hungry individual that has pointed an accusing finger at erma before disappearing. Erma is obsessed with her academic career and her workaholism has made her aloof to many advances, are Jenny’s accusations simply her petty attempts at revenge? Erma is having to defend herself to HR and in her attempt to find Jenny, we are introduced to several people who start to paint a picture of conspiracies. The vagueness of the situation propels you upwards, slow and steady, allowing a good view but not quite enough of a view for the thrill that’s about to appear as you reach the peak. Then there is the allusion towards the barbarian that erma dreams of, that is placed in a sentence that leaves you on the brink of something exciting and unusual. The hint of a promise of the wierd and wonderful is enthralling.