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This is one of those books that I kept picking up and putting down again, deciding that I needed to be in the right mood to read it. I finally bit the bullet but now wish that I hadn’t bothered!
The main protagonist is Erma, a lecturer at the University of Brisbane.
The chapters alternate between reality and fantasy with a character named Sero, the barbarian, and between a straightforward thriller/ mystery and a ‘choose your own adventure’ story.
This book was confusing and not the type of book I normally choose to read. There was too much promiscuity and swearing for me right from the start. I don’t enjoy reading fantasy - not even The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit which most people seem to love, so I was probably never going to enjoy The Spiral.
I did not finish reading this book as I did not really enjoy it and have plenty of other books I would rather have been reading.
It may be an age thing but I really can’t understand how anyone would spend their time writing such rubbish or how anyone would spend their time reading such drivel.