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So I started this book on a Friday evening and had finished it by Saturday lunchtime.

I’ve always loved history and the English civil war has long been an area of interest. Add in a strong-willed female character, an intriguing not quite who he seems male lead who are clearly going to end up together and I was always going to be sold.

I loved how the stories of the war and real parts of history were intertwined with friendship and a love story.

I would be wrong in saying it would appeal to everyone or even a lot of people but I genuinely enjoyed reading it and will look out for others by the same author.

The characters were fun, not too frustrating and I enjoyed that the book gave them a chance to develop and you slowly found more about their reasons for behaving in the ways that they did.

I also found the descriptions of war fascinating and the obvious divided loyalties that would come up in a time of civil war and the way different characters responded to this.