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I actually loved this book, much more than I expected to. It was brilliantly written with a unique viewpoint on the era it was set it, which I shamefully knew very little about before reading this book. Loved the romance in it, but also love that it was definately a subplot and didn't overshadow the main historical storyline. Jane, the main character, is brilliant - strong, with a clear idea of her moral stance, but not to the point of being stuck up or preachery. I've never read any of Minette Walter's previous books, although I had heard of her as a very respected writer; after this book I will definately be searching out more of her historical fiction and will also be trying to educate myself more about the English civil war, which this book has highlighted as a major moment in English history (probably should have already known that). Also, just a moment to appreciate the beautiful cover! Love it so much, it looks stunning on my bookshelves.