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‘An intelligently presented historical fantasy that provokes thought from the start’ – The British Fantasy Society

The Swords of Silence

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Where once new ideas and beliefs were accepted, now the country’s military dictator, the Shogun is shutting his country down to any outside influence Father Joaquim Martinez who left Portugal to make Hizen Province, Japan his home, has been quietly tending to the lives of his villagers, but everything is about to be thrown into turmoil, as the Shogun has outlawed Martinez’s beliefs. Those who won’t recant or accept banishment, face a death sentence.

With the threat of a massacre looming, and the Shogun’s Samurai closing in, Father Martinez must decide if he is willing to risk everything, to save those he has sworn to protect.

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Shaun Curry

Shaun Curry has studied and worked in Japan, particularly in the southern island of Kyushu, including Nagasaki and neighbouring regions. Shaun Curry holds a strong passion for the country, its people and culture. While living in Tokyo, he studied Aikido at Hombu Dojo, the World Aikido Headquarters, and holds a black belt in the martial art.

Shaun has visited 72 countries around the world and lived in 10. He is an avid traveller who now lives in London with his wife and 3-year-old son.

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Publisher Harper Inspire (HarperCollins)
Genre Historical fiction
Released on 19/09/19
Pages 324
ISBN 9780310101307
Price £8.99


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26/08/2019 – 13:09


Looking forward to read . Beautiful cover. ...

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