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The price of survival

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I could not put this book down. From the blurb on the sleeve I knew it was a tale of survival but the stark reality of the daily desperation and struggle to make it one moment at a time through the eyes of one individual who saw so much of what went on there is extraordinary.

The instinct to survive is human nature, and in becoming the tattooist, and branding the people of his own faith, Lale did exactly that. At times reading how he used that position to help those around him at extreme risk to himself was overwhelming. The atrocities he witnesses, and the knowledge that he could be shot on the spot for being caught showed that even in the most brutal and hellish of places, the best of humanity can endure.

Throughout the entire read, I was hooked by the love story. The idea that at times they thought each other lost and no idea how or why was heartbreaking. I needed to know how their story panned out.

The story of the tattooist of Auschwitz is a definite read for anyone. It not only provides a historically significant first hand account of the Holocaust but is a beautiful story of what it is to survive on nothing more than knowing you are loved.