Intriguing, engrossing and well written.

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I was interested in reading the extract of this book as I’ve read Minette Walter’s thriller books and am a big fan. I love Historical Fiction and have always had a fascination with The Plague so all those things together meant a book I was dying to dive into. I also thought the cover was enticing and would make me pick up the book even if I didn't know the author already.

I thought it was helpful how before the story starts it catches you up on the characters and events from The Last Hours. Without this I think I would have been completely lost and I can imagine going back to this list at other times in the story for a refresher on what previously occurred.

The opening extracts from Lady Anne’s private journal are captivating and shocking. It made me excited to read what came next. I found the first look engrossing and fascinating. Walters has captured the cadence of the time perfectly and she had me feeling I was immersed in the 1300s. I’m full of questions about what happens next: will the villagers remain safe behind their walls? If attacked will they be able to triumph? Will they succeed in keeping the black death from their midst? Will Eleanor recover from her madness and what will she do about her salacious pregnancy? I can’t wait to find out!