Totally enjoyed it.

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Being a fan of anything with crows in and this book, location and historical reference are amazing you won’t want to put it down.

Are you a fan of anything Norse? Crack the spine of this book. This book won't disappoint if you're a lover of the darkness.

Listen to nature, sing with the birds, dance in the water, laugh with friends, and let yourself dream of another world filled with wonder.

Reading is fundamentally fun especially when it takes you on an adventure.

The writing style is sensitive, and also it takes you to a dark place. Sexy horror you will not want to put it down, yep I said it.

Read it in two days, wonderfully written looking forward to reading another one of the authors' books.

Get your friends and family into a book club and enjoy going on a reading world journey that you all can share. Plus memories are the best, start journaling your reads.