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Looks intriguing!

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Michael Ridpath is a new author to me although I notice that he is very prolific writer and I love discovering authors to add to my literary bank of knowledge. I've often enjoyed Icelandic Noir and I am really interested and intrigued by this crime mystery with a historical theme at its heart.
After having read the first few pages of "The Wanderer" I'm now desperate to carry on reading. What is going on with Nancy, John and Emilio? VERY intriguing! Why does an old man having been attacked want to keep the assault quiet? Why has a young woman been murdered and I certainly want to read more about this very interesting detective Magnus Jonson nicknamed Kani Cop. Being introduced to new a detective is always exciting and I very much like the sound of this one!
All in all this sounds like a brilliant thriller and has me very excited about reading. A new author, detective and unique storyline, this has five stars written all over it!