Great political thriller

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The beginning of the book left me with no doubt that it will be a story that could change my point of view On the world. Politics can be dangerous and a dark sphere, so it already makes me curious.
Language is very descriptive and hit the points that will transfer you straight to Gil’s mind. Brilliantly written - I was very impressed! With a thrilling plot that will keep tense from the first pages.
The dialogues (another advantage) are very authentic and well created.
The plot has lots of turns and twists, what keep you hooked from the first pages - I cannot guess what a mystery is hiden by the murder and where it will lead. The title as well as the cover of the book are promising very intriguing trip into the political world, terrific written that you start to thinking - how much of this all is a truth. The author’s carrier helped him very much to create so great story, without his experience it will be impossible to create such a good book - I definitely will read it! It is an excellent debut.