Excellent fiction from a world class journalist

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I loved this book.
As you would expect from a top political journalist, the writing is exceptionally good and the storyline credible. Although fiction, the story is essentially that of Tony Blair and The Labour Party’s election landslide victory in 1997 after nearly 20 years of Tory rule.
Gil Peck is the political editor for a National newspaper who has several personal flaws but is determined to find out what caused his high flying sister to die in mysterious circumstances.
Robert Peston is that political commentator with the annoying cadence in his speech which gets on my nerves. However, this book proves that he is a lot deeper, funnier and more sympathetic than I first thought.
For many years I enjoyed reading books about political intrigue and large scale corporate crime by authors like Jeffrey Archer, Michael Dobbs and Michael Ridpath. The Whistleblower is as good as any of those and is Robert Peston’s fictional debut which promises great things for the future.