Great debut

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For a debut political novel this was right on point.
I enjoyed the dialogue and the story was great and I enjoyed the twist at the end. I just wish there was less of the C word!!! Kind of ruined using it too much.
I found this novel encapsulated the 90s really well!
I’m assuming Peston is of Jewish decent and supports Arsenal or Tottenham by the use of the Era
I feel some of what’s in this May or may not be based on his life as journo in current affairs as it was 30 years ago.
I thought this was very time specific and did well with the nostalgia side like arsene wenger coming in as nobody and and the technology like Nokias and 308s considering this is a 2021 novel.
I personally was too young to remember and articulate the politics and Blair and labour getting power so I can’t relate to this part. But over all I enjoyed the mystery and enjoyed the read of this ARC thanks readersfirst I will be passing this On.