Queen Elizabeth the Detective!

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I absolutely loved the fun, quirky nature of this read!

When a mysterious death occurs at the Palace, the Queen is quite rightly put out. Setting her team, including brilliant secretary Rozie, to work she decides to find out who is behind the death and just what exactly has been going on at one of her parties.

What follows is a very proper super-sleuthing imvestigation that spans the UK and throws up some hilarious characters and their antics as Queen Elizabeth sets her brilliant mind to fighting crime.

I loved the quirkiness of this story and the look behind royal doors which made for a very cosy murder mystery with a slight Miss Marple vibe. The Queen was a brilliant character with more up her sleeve than she lets on and a lovely personality that would endear her to any whodunnit fan. I can't wait to catch up with the next instalment and see what Queen Liz gets up to in book 2!