The Queen a detective who would have thought it!!!

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What a great concept the queen as a detective.
When someone who was a guest of the queen is found dead in the palace all eyes point towards the murderer being one of the queen's staff but she is having none of it and with the help of one of her aides is determined to uncover the true murderer.
I loved this and as I was reading I had the voice of the real queen in my head and after watching the crown convinced myself that this was something the queen really would do.
We follow her aide who the queen asks to gather information from various sources all without anyone else in the household knowing what was going on.
I loved the fact that her aide was also a young girl from an ethnic minority so for me the story really was about girl power.
I can't wait to read another book by this author as they really have come up with a concept that I have not seen before. I know what will be on my Christmas list this year.