A Curious Start

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After reading the little teaser snippet, I'm definitely intrigued in where the story will progress to. You're immediately set up with Kate, a main character that feels very real in both her flaws and her good features. Alongside Kate, you meet Nick who feels a little less fleshed out but that will probably be remedied in the following pages. Their relationship as well as Kate's feelings within that relationship do a good job of showing that a situation is not always balanced and this adds to the believability of the world. You have a very brief look at Cecily who appears to be another main character and I'm curious to see how she influences both Kate and the plot.
It's definitely a good start! The writing is well paced and easy to read. It manages to keep the reader moving along whilst clearly focusing on its important plot points.
One part I didn't like, is how quickly it seems to flip between things being fine and things being 'terrible' without much indication of time passing but that may just have been my own aspect of reading.
Will keep an eye out for it, for sure.