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This is a lovely read. I would highly encourage you to read the note from the author and the acknowledgements to this book, I know not many people actually read those bits. I loved this book so much more after learning that Cecily Finn, the character, was heavily inspired by Vicky Zimmerman's extraordinary grandmother, also named Cecily Finn. This is a book that I think may be written for someone a little older than me, hence the four stars, I'm not sure I can fully appreciate it and I'm sure when I am older I'll come back to this book, in the meantime I'll be lending this to my mum, who recently turned 42 and I think she'll love this book. This book reminds you what is important in life and the writing is beautiful and relatable.
Although all opinions in this review are my own, I would like to thank Bonnier Books and Readers First for an advance publication copy.