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Saying the right words at the right time is like magic.

The Word Trove

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In this book you meet ‘a word’ that has lost its meaning. On its fantastic journey through the world of language, it attempts to rediscover its meaning all on its own.

“There are thousands of paths for you to take. Recognising the path that gives you meaning is the greatest challenge of all.”

A magical tale about language – wonderful, poetic and profound!

“Elias Vorpahl tells a story of seeking and finding, of courage, curiosity and self-confidence. He writes of growing beyond oneself and of seeing one’s own world through different eyes. He doesn’t just tell this tale with wonderful words but with much humour and imagination. If you’re looking for a book that makes you happy and puts a smile on your face, "The Word Trove" is just the thing!”, writes Jazzie on

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Elias Vorpahl

After a year of voluntary social service in South Africa, Elias Vorpahl (b. 1985) studied Mathematics in New Zealand and Germany. He is a member of the author collective Prosathek.

“The Word Trove” is his first novel.

Book Details

Publisher Iron Bird Publishing
Genre Contemporary Fiction
Released on 01/12/20
Pages 176
ISBN 9783000665431
Price £10.99


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