An Intriguing Journey into Language and Identity

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This is book, which I was given, has proved to be a gift in several ways.
The author plays with the idea of language and leads us on an intriguing quest as we accompany a word journeying to discover its identity. You learn to sympathise withe the main character and meet interesting stories, ideas and characters within this journey.
It has been translated from the original language with the highest skill; you do not sense any gap in meaning because the wit is still there. There are moments which are touching and also very funny.
My advice is to read this book slowly, to really enjoy its individuality. Just allow yourself to be lead along by the author. You will find much to delight and surprise.
I will give this book to a friend, so that someone else can go on this linguistic, fantastical, allegorical and touching journey into identity. I hope that person will also find their self, their meaning and story in this delightful volume, in the way I did.