This book made me stop and think

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I started reading this book, then forgot about it for weeks. Picked it up again a few days back and got lost in it over the weekend. Verdict? It's a brilliant book. I think I would describe it as an adult magical fairytale. It was a short read but one that made me ponder - it's deep and some parts have many possible interpretations in my opinion. And I love books that help me understand more about life. The story goes like this... there's a character called word who has lost its meaning and forgot its name as well so it goes on an adventure where it meets different interesting characters (all words) who offer the word their own life lessons. The adventures include a mad tea party, adventure under the sea, attending a literary competition, etc. This is an excellent book and the author has a unique voice and perspective. The translator has also done an amazing job. I am so glad I came across this book and I would highly recommend it.