What is in a word

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This tells a warm whimsical wonderous story of a word which has forgotten its meaning. Imagine if Alice had fallen into a dictionary instead of wonderland and you are about there. This will be marmite to readers, some not appreciating its magic and metaphors and others dreaming into the depths of its poetry and philosophy. It is a beautifully presented story and has been translated brilliantly to maintain meaning in a book about language. Another word, other than whimsical I would use to describe this journey is charming. From the delightful illustrations to the size and shape of the book itself, it is full of a sincere charm that will delight those who enjoy its pages. Those who won't like the book will find out almost from the first paragraph and if you don't, then put it down and pick up something else. Those that do, then allow yourself to go on its journey and think as well as smile in this wonderful and unique treasure of a novel.