Escapism that you can really relate to.

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The bright cover is striking and expresses the story well,. You are looking from the rear as a car is at the end of a road overlooking the sea, and the two women are standing in front of it with their arms in the air with the joy of the sunrise over the sea. This lovely story is of two women, middle aged, very different, but with some strong fundamentals that make them good friends. They are surrounded by the day to day ballast of difficult teenagers, ageing parents, jobs, bills and leaking taps that we all have to contend with, and often feel guilt and failure about how things have turned out in your life. How often have we all wanted to do this? Just take off with a good friend, leave the tedium behind, and have some unencumbered freedom for a while. How it all develops is what makes this a great story, Caroline Bond has developed Thea and Denise into two characters with whom you sympathise, and maybe envy!