Belfast at War

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These Days is about the lives and loves of two sisters, Audrey and Emma living in Belfast during the height of Hitler's war on Europe. I have read lots of books set during world war two but this is the first set in Northern Ireland.
The similarities between this story and what is currently happening in Ukraine cannot be denied. For that reason I think I found this book hard to get into as I would normally read to escape the real world for a while.
Nevertheless, I did find it a good read. The two young ladies in this story should be out enjoying themselves but instead are thrown into a war town city. Audrey is engaged to be married to a doctor and Emma is in love with a woman she works with on the first aid post caring for all injured in the nightly air raids on the city. I feel we left the characters on a bit of a cliff edge not knowing what the fuaire holds for them. Perhaps a sequel is on the way....