Completely immersive

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This story is set in wartime Belfast as various people, with intertwining lives, deal with the horror and fear of air raids as well as the complicated tangled lives that people ordinarily lead. I enjoyed this book because it felt so immersive, Caldwell picks up on small details which bring the whole scene to life. I felt like I was there!
The writing style reminds me of Sally Rooney, which is certainly no bad thing! My only critique really would be that sometimes it's not clear if a character is thinking or speaking. I'd think they were speaking but then something wouldn't seem right so I'd have to go back and read that section again to check. This slightly affected how well the story flowed and was a bit frustrating.
However, don't let that put you off reading this - it is a fantastic book full of love, fear, grief and the weight of expectation. I'd highly recommend it!