Wartime Belfast

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This is a novel set over 4 days in Belfast in April 1941, a place that has, so far, escaped the worst of World War Two bombing. But that's all about to change. We follow sisters Emma and Audrey over those 4 days and how, in two completely different ways, their lives are changed. I thought the book started off well, then slowed to such an extent I almost gave up, but I stayed with it and surprisingly read it in one sitting. There was insight into Audrey's office work and the standards that were expected of the time both as a singleton and as a soon-to-be married woman. Sister Emma's life is very different - she's in a relationship with a woman at a time when, though not illegal, was certainly not accepted by society. I'm not keen on no speech marks - is this a trendy thing with writing, or is it meant to create a flow within the novel? If the latter it didn't work for me as I had to re-read some sections to know where I was. For that I've only given it 3 stars. Pleased I read it though.