Very Gripping!

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This starts off with a great story and is very gripping! Makes you want to read on. The story starts off with the main character very upset but then the mood changes quite suddenly and moves into a very thrilling feel which keeps you guessing, what will happen next? how is that? Why is this happening?

Very clear and interesting start of character introductions and storyline. The main character at the start is very interesting and what happens makes you want to keep going and want to know what is going to happen next. I would recommend this as a read and will definitely be reading the full book once I get hold of it soon. I could not put it down and understand why this is 5 Stars!

I haven't read any other stories by TM Logan but have definitely added these to my to be read list. I have the Holiday and The Catch waiting on my shelf and glad that I have had a sneak peak of this so that I can confirm that the author's writing style is very engaging.