Provocative and powerful

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Strong and confident writing, enrapturing the reader into the intricate relationships of a small town, eclipsed by tragedy and in particular the darkness of grief for the sister of the murdered girl. The prologue is powerful and breath catching in its deliberate attempt at placing the reader amongst the search of the missing girl. A choreography of the damned is an eloquent expression to describe the search party and it abruptly ends with the discovery of the young girls murdered body.

Walks character oozes with nostalgia and virtue, shadowed by his sadness. The townsfolk appear to equally admire and pity him.

The Radley children are complex and codependent upon each other in light of their mother (star, still so scarred from her sisters death and subsequently lots of bad life choices) emotional instability and suicidal attempts which leaves them more vulnerable.

And now Vincent the convicted killer is being released and the complexity of the murder and its numerous surviving victims is about to erupt with the truth.

Wonderfully transcribed telling and thoroughly thought provoking.