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An explosive new thriller for fans of John le Carré

When Time Runs Out

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The world is on the brink of catastrophe. If we lose hope in a better future, what are we left with?

A young man is shooting people from a rooftop in downtown Helsinki.

An unsuspecting mother is confronted with a horrifying scenario she's powerless to stop.

A sister can only watch events unfold from afar.

Over the course of a day, one family fractures and with lives at stake each member must examine everything that brought them to this moment. But this crisis goes beyond their small lives; Aslak is not the only boy on a rooftop with a gun today. He is part of an international group set on stopping environmental disaster by killing as many of those they deem responsible as they can.

Can a desperate mother reconcile her complicated feelings towards her son and reach him in time to stop a catastrophe? This is the story of lives on the brink and finding hope in the face of despair.

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Elina Hirvonen

Elina Hirvonen is a Finnish writer, journalist and documentary filmmaker. When I Forgot (2005), her debut novel, was shortlisted for a Torch-bearer award. Her first documentary feature film, Paradise: Three Journeys in this World (2007), won several awards in international festivals around the world.
Elina Hirvonen works as a journalist and a television producer for current affairs shows, and as editor-in-chief for feminist magazine Tulva.

Book Details

Publisher Manilla
Genre Thriller
Released on 19/10/17
Pages 320
ISBN 9781786580276
Price £7.99


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