Another stunning book in the series

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Why Mummy's Sloshed is the fourth book I've read by Gill Sims and the series continues to be an amazing set of books. This is such a feel good story and as each book continues you feel far more invested in the story and characters.
This book made me laugh out loud and is hilarious from cover to cover. I think this book appeals to both mums and dads and anyone who has looked after teenagers, even for a small amount of time! The great thing about these is that although they are part of "why Mummy's " series they work so well as stand alone stories that it doesn't matter if you have read one or none of the books each one will be special!
The cover looks amazing and ties in so well with all the other three books in the series that it draws you in straight away with the bold use of colour and the familiarity of the style. I can't wait to read more books in this series.