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The trials and embarrassing life of Gracie Dart. Perfect for fans of Geek Girl.

You Only Live Once

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Gracie Dart has always worked hard and she's got a wall covered with revision timetables and French verbs to prove it. But now GCSEs are behind her and she suddenly starts to think: what was the POINT of it all?

When Gracie thinks she's dying of a disgusting tropical illness, she starts to worry she's been wasting her best years being sensible. It's like people say: you only live once - so isn't it about time she started LIVING? (OK, so the tropical illness turned out to be a fake-tan miscalculation. Anyone could make the same mistake.)

When Gracie decides to do something, she does it properly. Gracie Dart is about to live out her dreams. However embarrassing.

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Jess Vallance

Jess Vallance works as a freelance writer and lives near Brighton. Her YA novels for Hot Key Books are BIRDY and THE YELLOW ROOM.

Book Details

Publisher Hot Key Books
Genre Personal & social issues
Released on 23/08/18
Pages 400
ISBN 9781848126602
Price £6.99


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