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A YA novel that really makes you think.

Grace Dent had a midlife crisis at 16, that’s the only way I can explain this book. Nothing much really happens, it’s not a novel with a start, a middle and an end. But seeing Grace’s journey on how to cope with life; truly inspiring.

I’ve been through what Grace went through, I did my years at high school, college, university and then even went onto doing my CIMA. I’m 25 and I’ve only just finished with exams. I’ve only just found that weekends (in the middle of a pandemic) are to do whatever you want to do.

Grace’s midlife (at 16) crisis is so completely relatable. We all don’t want to end up doing something we have no passion about. We want to enjoy life. But the balance we adults have learned - is to enjoy life, you have to work to pay for it.

This book as made me look at my own life and realise I’m happy in my job, mostly because it pays me good money to be happy outside of my working hours. It pays for the books I read.