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I like how the story is written. I also like how the author introduces each and every character at the beginning of the story. I also like the story, the plot and almost everything in this book as it gives me Bridgerton feels. I like the location in the story. On the other hand, I like the vocabulary used in this book as I am able to learn a few new words such as ostentatious, concierge, gentry, mahogany, intoned, and stature. Hence, this improves my English language as well. I like how the names of the characters are not that complicated to be read internally too. I also like this story portrays the daily life of a woman in the older days and time. This book is also a little bit funny in some ways that I would never imagined. However, there are also some aspects that I dislike in this book. I am sort of a bit confused at the beginning and half way reading the book as well.