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This is the third of the series set in the Buckingham Hotel in pre WW2 London written by Anton, of Strictly Come Dancing fame. The main characters are Raymond de Guise, the lead ballroom dancer and his girlfriend Nancy Nettleton. The series revolves around their family, their friends and their lives both within and outside the hotel.

The third book can be read as a stand alone novel, however I do feel that it is more enjoyable if read as part of the series as some characters within, and their back stories are not always explained in the book.

Antons' knowledge of dance is obvious from the very chapters, but this is much more than a novel about dance. He has brought together several historic facts from the time and intertwined them with the life of both staff and guests within the hotel.

The book is well written and flows well making the whole book easy to read. A perfect winter warmer for the long winter nights! A good gift for fans of dance and historical fiction.