Worth the wait!

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I've loved all 3 of Anton's books now, there's always so much going on. There's a lot of side stories to get swept up in, but it still doesn't deviate too much from the main story. I wouldn't say this was any more Christmassy than the first 2 books, so whether calling it a Christmas book was just a marketing gimmick, I'm not sure.
It contains a bit of all sorts of genres, obviously romance and historical fiction, but also mystery and suspense too. It works as a stand-alone book as it explains some of the back stories at the start, but this can seem a little repetitive if you read all three books consecutively like I did.
I won't spoil it, but the way the book ended makes me wonder how many more books in the series there will be, particularly as we're nearing the outbreak of world war 2.
I look forward to reading the next instalment anyway! Great escapism!