Clever historical fiction

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This is the fifth book set during the Second World War featuring Cambridge professor of Elizabethan history, Tom Wilde. He has now become a bona fide agent for the American fledgling OSS and travels to Scotland, London, Sweden and Cambridge to investigate the death of Prince George, the King’s brother in a plane crash.
Rory Clements has managed, as usual, to graft an exciting and credible story of espionage onto historical and interesting facts - Prince George was killed in an unexplained plane crash in the North of Scotland in 1942 in mysterious circumstances. Unlike a lot of other authors in this genre, the plot is carefully revealed without losing or confusing the reader along the way. I love a book like this which has me resorting to Wikipedia whilst I am reading it to check which parts are fact and which are fiction.
In my opinion, Rory Clements is as good an author as Robert Harris and has surpassed most other historical thriller writers.