I love a good Historical Fiction

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I have been meaning to read this author for a long time now and this was a perfect opportunity to take my chance.

It has been many years that I have read a spy / political thriller book, I used to read them all the time and this has whetted my appetite for this genre again.

Whilst reading this, it is obvious that there has been a tremendous amount of research, that has gone into this book.
We start in 1942, two cousin Princes meeting in Sweden and liked the references of the palaces and the opening of the book really was well written to make you want to read more.

In this book we meet a Cambridge professor that, if you have read any other of this Autors work, you will have met before, however, in this novel he exposes a conspiracy in the heart of the Third Reich, the British Monarchy and the death of the brother of the King of England at the time, was it really an accident?

Read the book to find out!