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Clements’ work is always underpinned by extensive research and rich period detail, and this wartime series has won an army of fans with its fast-paced international mysteries, full of menace and intrigue, and featuring a stunning mix of real and fictional characters. Structurally, the story is told chronologically through interwoven threads, taking the reader from England and Scotland to Poland and Sweden. The main characters have their backstories delivered along the way to give them depth. The author has clearly carried out a huge amount of research and I commend him for his attention to detail. To create authenticity, he has blended fact with fiction and several times I found myself checking to see if events as described, actually took place. If you enjoy a good thriller with political intrigue thrown in, you’ll enjoy this tale. At 469 pages, it is longer than the books I normally review but I’m very glad I stuck with it. There’s an historical note at the end from the author, along with an explanation of what happened to the real people who found themselves entangled in this hypothetical account of events. In spite of a couple of observations raised above, Rory Clements handled sensitive aspects of Nazi wartime policy very well.