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A truly captivating yet at the same time horrifying story captured beautifully by the author.

The main key elements that make this work include the ease of reading, the simplistic design and of course the real element to thr story which has obviously been well researched and tragically brought to life.

This book was a lovely easy read with short chapters so you can pick it up and go whenever you wanted. However I must admit the story is so captivating that I struggled to put it down.

The overall story was well thought out with twists and turns all the way in conjunction with the true horrors of Nazi Germany and the concentration camp which at times made me weep as they were so vivid. In additon, it was not until I finished the book did I realise it was part of a series! However for those like me who had not delved into the 4 previous books it is not a problem as the characters are so well rounded no prior knowledge would harm the story.

Overall I couldn't recommend this more highly.