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I am definitely a fan of Professor Wilde. He is a little frustrating in parts, like how he always seems to find himself in dangerous situations. I’m not quite sure how Lydia puts up with him! However, he always seems to mean well and I enjoy following the adventures he gets up to on the way.

I in general really enjoyed this book. Considering that I don’t ever choose to read books based during the world wars, I seem to enjoy many of those that I do end up reading. I liked the descriptions of the different places and how the novel looked at some parts of the world that have changed a lot and others that have barely changed at all since the 1940s.

I think it was relatively well written and had an interesting storyline. In general, I liked most of the characters. I don’t think the book was supposed to be realistic in terms of what happened and when, and how Wilde somehow managed to escape relatively unscathed again. So I can suspend my disbelief a little about that.

Overall, a relatively easy read, with just the right amount of horror at the atrocities of war and genocide to balance it all out.