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This book is my most favourite book in the whole wide world, i started reading it when i was really busy and ao i thought i wouldnt have time yo finish it but as soon as i read the first 10 pages the book pulled me and and made me want to keep on reading it, it is such a good book and i recommend it of you like the semi action and mystery genre, the details when describing certain situations are immaculate and make you feel as if you are part of the book and it is the type of book that you just want to keep on reading and not stop whoch is why i finished it so quickly, it was also one of my favourites because the storyline is so so so interesting and its different from other books and even when you think you have predicted what is going to happen the book will blow your mind and it will go in a completely different direction, one which i definitely did not expect and im glad it didnt follow a typical boring storyline