Smooth flowing secrets and suspense.

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Having only recently discovered Rory Clements, and been captured by reading "Nucleus", I was keen to read this latest book. Rory has a gift for writing about actual events, in this case the strange plane crash that killed Prince George, the Duke of Kent. In 1942 he was in a Sunderland flying boat going from Sweden to Iceland when the plane, on full power, veered off course and crashed into a mountain at Dunbeath. There were 15 people on board and only one survived. This actual event is the starting point for a gripping tale involving Rory's hero, Tom Wilde, history professor at Cambridge. He is drawn into a dense plot of WW2 intrigue, and you are never sure who is on which side as the plot unravels. It is not ` "war" book, it is not a "history" book, it is a clever story that uses enough actual events from that period to give substance to the plot. It is very believable. The writing style is great too - you can read it in huge chinks or a few pages at a time without losing track of who is who, a great writing skill!