Thrilling wartime tale

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Tom Wilde novels are always an exciting and fast paced read and this was no exception.
Rory Clements is the master of the spy novel.
In this Tom Wilde adventure we witness a secret meeting held between Prince Philip Von Hessen and the Duke of Kent, Prince George.
Inexplicably just a short time after this fateful meeting Prince George is killed in a plane crash in the North of Scotland.
Trying to keep it hush hush there are already rumours of scandal and foul play at work.
Tom is not prepared to accept the official line of accidental death so is soon on the case.
Investigating he finds a dark web of deceit and lies and just how does Harriet Hartwell a cryptic figure fit into all this?
I love the way Clements weaves a fictional tale around some true life, historical events that have happened.
Makes the plot more exciting and that little more realistic.